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Putting the spotlight on teenagers’ nutrition

ImageA national media release for World School Milk Day was distributed, putting the spotlight on teenagers’ nutrition and reminding them of the importance of the dairy food group. The release highlighted a new Australian study by Edith Cowan University that debunks the myth that milk, cheese and yogurt are associated with weight gain in adolescents.

View the media release online here:

Social media

World School Milk Day has also been publicised via the Dairy Australia social networks:

Schools network

Information on World School Milk Day was included in an e-news that was distributed to the Dairy Australia school database of approximately 9000 contacts. This included information on World School Milk Day, as well as ideas for activities, games, recipes, links to educational collateral, links to the FAO website and an image of the FAO face mask.


Starting this school year, the Flemish government has launched a new initiative.

Healthy snacks are essential for good health. However, children and young people should drink more unsweetened milk, in addition to eating more fruit and vegetables. That is why the Flemish government has bundled its forces and has launched this school year a new measure to promote milk, fruit and vegetables as healthy snacks at school. Thanks to European and Flemish subsidies, and with the support of the fruit, vegetables and dairy sectors, schools can apply for subsidies via the “Oog voor Lekkers”, which means “an eye for treats” campaign in order to distribute these delicious snacks to their pupils.

Research has shown that healthy eating and drinking habits are best learned at an early age. With this measure, school children are encouraged to regularly consume fruit, vegetables and unsweetened milk as a healthy snack.

In addition to the distribution of healthy snacks, educational moments in the classroom are being targeted to provide the children with sufficient information that they can make healthy choices about what to eat later in life. For years, Flemish teachers have already been making eager use of the educational game Land of Calcimusfor such educational moments. This educational tool, that recently underwent a thorough update, teaches children that a healthy diet and a healthy portion of milk or dairy products is important for them.

The Melk4Kids educational initiative (is also gaining participants year by year. It has existed for 10 years already and it gives children between the ages of 3 and 12 the opportunity to visit a nearby dairy farmer. This can be both with the school and within the framework of after-school activities. Thus, children are introduced to dairy farming in a playful way and they will get a taste of life in the countryside

Raising Awareness with parents, teachers and children

On World School Milk Day, Tetra Pak Belgium launches a Facebook contest ‘Super Buveurs de Lait’ for the French speaking schools and ‘Lekker met Melk’ in Flanders.

Along with the contests two informative websites have been created: www.laitecole and

The purpose of these activities is to increase awareness with parents, teachers and children about the importance of milk in a balanced diet for a sound development of young people.

The website and the contest will be communicated in an e-mailing addressed to all nursery and primary schools in Belgium and via a press release in French and Flemish.

The press releases will also include some results of the survey Tetra Pak recently conducted together with the NGO GoodPlanet, on children’s breakfast habits and milk drinking behavior. Magda Buelens, Environment and Public Affairs Director for Tetra Pak Benelux and nutrition experts can be contacted by journalists for comments.



A Press Conference to Kick Off World School Milk Day 2013

On Tuesday 24 September a Press Conference will mark the start of a school campaign in the GO! Basis- en kleuterschool De Kattensprong in Tervuren to encourage school milk.

According to a recent study by Vlerick Management School and a survey of the NGO GoodPlanet, this is badly needed as fewer and fewer schools are distributing milk to pupils, and on top of this 1 in 3 children do not eat breakfast, meaning they do not drink milk at home.

The school campaign and research are represented by Magda Buelens, Environment and Public Affairs Director Tetra Pak Benelux and Inge Coene, nutrition specialist at the Nutrition Information Centre (NICE).

Program of the conference:

10:10 – 10:25 Milk distribution on the playground (with the possibility of children to ask questions, to film or photograph)
10:30 – 11:00 Presentation milk survey research in children and Vlerick study on trends and evolutions of school dispensation school and launch awareness campaign – Magda Buelens
11:00 – 11:30 Is there room for milk in a healthy diet? – Inge Coene


Several activites are taking place on this day:

– Signature of the Dairy Declaration agreement on September 27th, with the participation of the General Director of the IDF, Nico van Belzen; the Regional Delegate of FAO, Eve Crowley; and the Minister of Agriculture of the Chilean Government, Carlos Furche.

– Celebration with young children at 3 schools in Osorno, Chile, September 8th, 11th and 13th. Puppets show, drawing contests, milk break and more.

– Celebration with children in Santiago on September 27th, with a theatre play, a nutritionist talk, dairy posters contests award and a milk break.

– Seminar: “Dairy products, benefits and controversial aspects: what the scientific evidence tells us?” for nutritionists, doctors, and other professionals, will take place on October 5th.

Sponsors for these activities are: Association of Dairy Farmers from Valdivia (Aproval), ¡Sí a la leche! From FEPALE and the dairy industries.


Celebrating World School Milk Day 2013 in Croatia

In Croatia, the Croatian Dairy Union organized a celebration of the 14th World School Milk Day in cooperation with thirteen elementary schools and twelve kindergartens. Celebration was also supported by Croatian Agricultural Agency, City of Zagreb – City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and City Office for Education, Culture and Sport and four Croatian dairies – Dukat, Vindija, Belje and Ledo who promoted WSMD by donating milk and dairy products such as fermented milk, chocolate milk and cheese.

Children prepared an appropriate, interesting, and entertaining program with the wholehearted support of teachers. Program consisted of songs, plays, games, dances and sketches on the theme of milk.

School children presented their interesting and educational program with poems, games and dances on the theme of milk, which showed their “appetite for milk”. Croatian Dairy Union promoted milk with a magazine “Mlijeko i Ja” (Milk and me) – popular journal about milk and its benefits for health. Specials guests were young farmers, children dressed in traditional costumes with calves who delighted all present. Croatian Dairy Union organized a humanitarian action named “Croatian dairies donate milk and dairy products”, which was this year donated to a school for children with special needs “Nad lipom”.


World School Milk Day is celebrated soon!
Primary school cantines will hand on posters. Since 2015, funny animal figures is the theme. They are telling in their own funny animal way why dairy products and school milk are important for pupils.

This year on World School Milk Day the Milk Maid will visit the school where she herself started school as a child. The Milk Maid will share a presentation and visit the school canteen, eat and drink school milk with the children and be a role model. The Dairy Nutrition Council will offer ice creams as a dessert for the children in that school on World School Milk Day.

Finland is also co-operating with two vloggers that produce tube videos about school milk.

Find the press releases soon about videos and posters and about the visit of the Milk Maid and the day itself here.

A School Poster Campaign across Finland

Two different posters have been made to be put up in school canteens across the country. These posters are in Finland’s two official languages, Finnish and Swedish.

Poster1 Poster2

Engaging with the Press

Pic1Press Releases about World School Milk Day are also sent. One is sent a month beforehand, and another just before.

The Milk Maid is the figurehead for dairy communication, and will make various radio and television appearances.


Who can paint the most beautiful cow?

Lower Saxony is home to around 786,000 dairy cows, and World School Milk Day is the perfect opportunity to educate school children about dairy farming and the nutritional benefits of milk. The region’s dairy industry association (LVN) launched a drawing competition to find the most beautiful cow artwork.

The format or whether the drawing is made with ink, colored pencil, charcoal or other, whether it is a joint effort of the whole class or the creative work of a pupil or a student, does not matter. It is only important that the images themselves are painted and show one or more cows. On 19 December 2014, the LVN will submit the art to a jury of experts, and the winners will be selected on 11 March 2015 by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture.

picThe Prizes:
1st Prize: class trip to a dairy farm, complete with a day of shooting with the cows and a camera crew from “My KuhTube”.
2nd Prize: A seating area for the class / school
3rd-5th Price: One week school milk for the class

The contributions provided with names of the students, school name, grade, age, and contact can be sent to the following address:
Landesvereinigung der Milchwirtschaft Niedersachsen eV
Painting Competition
Seelhorststraße 4
30175 Hannover

The aim of the World School Milk Day celebrations is to improve the image of milk in schools because milk is nutrient dense and therefore vital for the development of children and adolescents. If a child does not want to, or cannot, eat anything in the morning at home, school milk is an important opportunity to provide a healthy snack.

Press Release

Download the LNV Press Release to promote World School Milk Day and the painting competion here

Plans for World School Milk Day 2013

Although School Milk is promoted all year round in Germany, World School Milk Day will see some special celebrations. The central message in the School Milk Campaign is that “there is a connection between good academic performance, good school food and physical fitness.”

Staying Fit and Focused Throughout the School Day

A good diet and plenty of exercise are the best conditions to be fit and focused throughout the school day.

The Dairy Industry Association is using the popular sport Parkour to encourage secondary school students to keep active and healthy.

The Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of North Rhine Westphalia and the state dairy industry association Nordrhein-Westfalen eV sat down together to discuss the promotion of healthy lifestyles in schools. The information was conveyed by different media and programs as part of the school milk campaign.


In Bonn, Lotte the cow will be joining students at the Ludwig-knight-school in their exercise program.

The Importance of Dairy for Healthy Teeth

The State Association of the Bavarian dairy industry will be at the central event of the Bavarian Association of Dental Health Association (LAGZ) in Regensburg. Together the two organizations will be emphasizing the importance of dairy products for healthy teeth.

For more information on School Milk in Germany take a look at–veranstaltungen/index.html


On the World School milk day i.e. 27th September 2017, the Foundation for Nutrition (NFN) of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) proposes to continue the celebrations.

During last year, Golden Jubilee year, NDDB along with its subsidiaries {(Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables (MDFVPL), IDMC Limited & Indian Immological Limited (IIL)} and Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF) set up NDDB Foundation for Nutrition (NFN) to provide nutrition support to government schoolchildren thereby addressing malnutrition prevalent in the country by exploring funds under Corporate Social Responsibility.

NFN’s mission is: `A Glass of Milk for Every Child’strives to provide flavoured milk to millions of school children across the country through the Giftmilk initiative. NFN believes a stronger child means a stronger nation.

This year, NFN will continue to distribute flavoured milk to students. Apart, NFN also proposes to conduct Milk awareness programmes in the schools to educate the children about the nutritional value of milk, health benefits associated with milk leading to physical and mental development of the children and promote daily consumption of milk.

NFN began its ‘Giftmilk’ programme in pilot mode on 26th February 2016 at Z P High School, Lakhsmapur, Telangana. Here 200 ml of flavoured milk was provided to the children on all working days. Since then it has expanded its coverage to 12 more schools in Delhi, Noida (UP) and Gujarat. Presently, there are around 11,500 students under the programme who have consumed about 6 lakh units of `Giftmilk’ till now.

Donations from corporates, PSUs, voluntary organizations and individuals will be channelized for support of the programme. A direct tie up of donors with dairy cooperatives is facilitated with a preference on donors like regions/locations into account.

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) disseminated a three-tier dairy cooperative throughout the country and created structures that have linked milk producers to the mainstream. This movement has resulted in India becoming the world leader in milk production.


Celebrating World School Milk Day in Ireland

The National Dairy Council in the Republic of Ireland celebrated World School Milk Day at one of Europe’s largest outdoor exhibitions and agricultural trade shows – The National Ploughing Championships. The event took place in County Laois this year, which attracted over 230,000 visitors over three days.

Televised Broadcast

The day started early for the National Dairy Council with television station TV3 broadcasting their “Ireland AM” morning show from the NDC exhibit as a celebration of World School Milk Day.

The broadcast created a unique opportunity for the NDC nutrition team to highlight the importance of the EU subsidised School Milk Scheme. The day was filled with fun and a class of primary school children participated in showcasing the dairy education programmes that the NDC co-ordinates for primary and secondary schools. Irish Olympic boxer and primary school teacher Darren O’Neill talked about his diet, nutrition and sports training.

Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food & The Marine, Simon Coveney T.D., also took part in the World School Milk Day celebrations by visiting the NDC exhibit and joining Zoë Kavanagh, NDC Chief Executive, in speaking to TV3 about the importance of dairy education in primary and secondary schools across Ireland.

Inspiring Taste Buds

Within the National Dairy Council exhibition ‘Dome’, Chef Phelim Byrne inspired taste buds with free cookery demonstrations, sharing cookery tips and showing the many versatile ways we can enjoy Irish milk as well as yogurt, cheese, butter and cream in some tasty recipe ideas. One of his featured cookery demonstrations was about ‘Cooking with Kids’ to encourage children to get active and develop their culinary skills.

NDC Nutritionist Caroline O’Donovan says that World School Milk Day creates a platform to highlight to Irish families that milk is readily available and convenient, but that it also provides consumers with a relatively inexpensive source of nutrients.

“Milk provides a package of nutrients such as calcium, protein, iodine, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. So, not only is milk an affordable source of a range of important nutrients – but the versatility of milk and milk products makes them great value for money too as they are perfect for use in a wide range of cooked and baked dishes and across many meal time and snacking occasions,” says Ms. O’Donovan.

Throughout the country Irish Co-operatives provided school children with free milk in celebration of World School Milk Day 2013.


Find out more

You can find out more about the work of the National Dairy Council on its website
You can also find the National Dairy Council on Facebook/NDCIreland or follow on Twitter @NDC_ie


The J-Milk (Japan Dairy Association) regularly promotes school milk activities to enhance the value of milk for Health and Nutrition but also in the framework of dairy Food Education Program for children in primary school. One of the campaigns has been done on the theme: “The Milk Hero & The Milk Heroine Character Artwork Contest”

Caption: Survey on “The Milk Hero & The Milk Heroine Character Artwork Contest”

  • Primary school pupils nationwide able to entry the contest by drawing/painting original character artwork of The Milk Hero/Heroine.
  • Application Entry started on World Milk Day (June 1st, 2017) and will end after World School Milk Day Deadline (Sep 30th, 2017).
  • This initiative is supported by FAO Fundraising since 2016. FAO donates 50 JPY per person participating. Students who take part in the contest contribute to FAO Fundraising directly by drawing/painting a picture.
  • The initiative aims at valorizing precious daily everyday school milk.
  • Sponsor of this event is j-milk (Japan Dairy Association) However, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology and many other dairy sector organization also support this event.
  • Students are required to explain how they thought of the character. The aim is to promote children’s education around for milk. While letting pupils know that milk helps make strong bones, the contest also lets pupils use their imagination by thinking about how the hero would look like and what he could do if he or her would become a Milk Hero/Heroine Character.


Arla Foods invites schoolchildren to celebrate World School Milk Day at pop-up farm

To celebrate World School Milk Day and the launch of Arla Organic Milk in the United Arab Emirates, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic dairy products is giving schoolchildren across Dubai the unique opportunity to become a dairy farmer for a day and learn about how organic milk is produced. The aim of this event is not only to promote the importance of milk in the growth and development of schoolchildren, but also to give children from the Emirates a better understanding of the source of their food.

The interactive pop-up farm experience enables primary school children to trace the journey of milk from farm to fridge. At the farm, children re-enact milking a cow, learn about the pasteurisation process, transport the milk on mini-tractors and see how the milk is packed at the dairy to ensure that consumers are getting clean and safe milk in every drop. Arla organic farmers from Denmark are also in attendance so that the children can meet the person who makes their milk and ask them any questions they may have. On completion of the journey, the children get to sample a glass of Arla Organic Milk and learn the importance of drinking milk as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

The aim of this event is not only to promote the importance of milk in the growth and development of schoolchildren, but also to give children from the Emirates a better understanding of the source of their food.


Nepal organizes school milk programs every year as a part of its annual program National Dairy Development Board. This year the last World School Milk Day shared the celebration with a Nepalese great festival Dashain and thus all schools were closed during this period for festival celebration. Therefore, Nepal celebrated World School Milk Day in one of the schools in Pokhara, Nepal, on seventh September.
In the program Nepal highlighted the importance of dairy nutrition for growing children and the role that schools can play in developing healthy eating habits for school children. Milk and dairy products were distributed freely. The organizers also held a dairy-related quiz program. Nepal presented flexes on nutritional value of milk and milk products and distributed pamphlets among school children that highlighted the importance of milk and milk products and role of schools in developing heathy nutrition habits.
World School Milk Day was highlighted in combination with the importance of the month of September during which Nepal celebrates school milk programs. Four additional school milk programs will still be held as part of the annual program.


Fonterra has put together an activity sheet which includes some colouring in pictures, a couple of fun and educational quizzes, a few facts about Fonterra Milk for Schools and how milk gets from the cows to school and beyond with our recycling element.
They are also asking schools to share a photo of their class or school drinking their Fonterra Milk for Schools milk with cut out milk moo-staches and attach with their straw to their milk packs.


The Norwegian Dairy Council will share a small article about the World School Milk Day. The website is administrated by the different national food councils (eggs, meat, dairy, fruits & veg) and that provides food and health-related information for the use of teachers and schools.
Norway wants to promote good eating habits among children. The scheme is complemented by teaching about the importance of good nutrition and how the food is produced.

TINE, provider of school milk will post pictures and some reminders on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Engaging Dieticians and Nutritionists

Activities arranged by the Norwegian Dairy Council on World School Milk Day 2014 include:

  • Arranging a seminar for dieticians/nutritionists
  • Sending out a press release
  • Releasing the numbers for attendance on the school milk programme for each of the 19 counties of Norway

Free Seminar for Teachers

A free seminar for teachers is being organized by the Information Office of Dairy Products ( and TINE on “Diet and wellbeing in schools” to celebrate World School Milk Day, 25 September 2013.

The seminar will feature a number of inspirational speakers covering a wide range of topics:pic

  • WorldclassFriends – An international dimension of school education
  • Health Directorate for School Meals
  • Presentation of teaching program “The digital milk carton”
  • Social Media in Education
  • Røris
  • Does it matter what we eat?
  • Nutrition for the Future – sustainability and health go hand in hand

For full details of the event (available in Norwegian):


World School Milk Day in Korea

This year’s event will have the slogan “My best friend, Milk at school!

The event aims to:

  • Inform the interest and effort of each country on School Milk to the educational field (for teachers and students)
  • Promote the recognition and expansion of School Milk by gathering teachers and students to participate in the event

School Prizes

  • Best School Award
  • Elementary School: Milk Poster
  • Middle School: Milk related episode
  • High School: Video clip on milk
  • Teachers: Picture on School Milk

Host & Sponsors

Host: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
Organizer: Korea Dairy Committee (IDF Korea)
Supporter: Educational Authority, Korean Dietetic Association, Dairy related organizations
Sponsor: Dairy processors

World School Milk Day in Korea

2012’s prize winners

Pic1 Pic2


Dairy Sweden will be sharing lots of information about World School Milk Day on social media.
You can find all their activities on their Facebook page Love Milk (Hjärta Mjölk) and their Instagram account Love Milk (Hjärta Mjölk).
Dairy Sweden has released a film about the nutritional intake of school children drinking water instead of milk for school lunch.


The Dairy Council of Great Britain is celebrating School World Milk Day. They have launched a website where teachers and pupils can leave a special message, telling what they love about milk.

Teachers are sending creative entries to These entries celebrate the nutritional benefits, taste and/or versatility of milk – or just simply let them know their favourite thing about milk. Teachers can encourage their class to take part in one of the following ways:


The Dairy Council of Great Britain are posting entries to their ‘Milk Memo’ website.

The Dairy Council of Great Britain is also running a competition to give schools the chance to win outdoor games equipment worth £250 for their pupils to enjoy. The most creative entry, chosen by The Dairy Council, will win the prize.

Countdown to World School Milk Day


The Dairy Council will celebrate with the Countdown to World School Milk Day, beginning Friday 19th September.

During the Countdown, The Dairy Council will provide information and fun facts about milk and nutrition for school children, and recipes for including milk in the diets of school children to target audiences of parents, schoolteachers, national and trade media.

The Dairy Council will use Twitter form 19th September to send feeds to key parent and teacher’s groups announcing the Countdown to World School Milk Day. Daily tweets will direct parents and teachers to The Dairy Council’s consumer website.

The site will feature a brief history of school milk, historic images from The Dairy Council archive, a video made by pupils from the Chelsea Academy (‘Milk It in Chelsea’) and press releases to national and trade media, which will be issued daily from Monday 22nd September.