World School Milk Day 2019

IDF World School Milk Day 2019

The Role of Milk in South African Schools

South Korea

World School Milk Day in Korea
Celebration of the Day & Awards Ceremony, 8th October, 2019
Awards for Best School Milk Performing Schools:
Awards Ceremony for the contest that took place in order to provide an opportunity to increase the awareness of the importance of school milk and necessity of drinking milk



EU school milk posters





To celebrate the School Milk Day in Norway this year,
for the parents:
We will do a competition in Social media, and use Facebook to give information about our school milk programme and the World School Milk day.
for the schools: There will be an activity for schools to increase the participation at our Website At this webpage the parents go in and order school milk to their children. Every school need to open the platform for the different kinds of milk they would like to be served at their school, so the products parents can choose between vary. Information about this activity will be distributed through a newsletter. The winner will be given a “cheesetable” at our cheesecompany “Ostecompagniet” – where the teachers at the school will be able to taste and learn about different cheeses.

South Africa

South African’s World School Milk Day 2019
World School Milk Day is celebrated annually in South Africa under the theme “Dairy gives you go!” with the supportive message “Building better bodies with dairy”. These messages highlight the importance of dairy in a balanced lifestyle. The Consumer Education Project of Milk South Africa (CEP of Milk SA), Milk Producers Organisation (MPO) and various milk processors work together to educate, supply and celebrate the wholesomeness of dairy among school going children.
The CEP of Milk SA has developed educational tools to assist the teachers and engage learning. The educational material of the CEP is developed in line with the school curriculum as set out by SA’s Department of Basic Education (DBE). Various topics relating to dairy farming, processing and nutrition of dairy products in a healthy diet are elaborated on. The CEP, working together with the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) of the DBE, have sponsored and distributed these educational tools to more than 10 500 learners across SA in celebration of WSMD. Read more


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