World School Milk Day 2018

IDF World School Milk Day 2018

The Role of Milk in South African Schools


In Finland we produced two posters which were sent to primary school canteens for celebrate the World School Milk Day. The posters followed a series with funny animals who talk about milk and dairy in an insightful way. We will also send out press releases about the day and our Milk Maid gives lectures in schools and visits the school canteen, eats and drinks school milk with the pupils.

Sini Kokkola, Milk Maid 2018


At the National Dairy Council in Ireland, promotion for school milk is ensured with a press release on the benefits of milk and dairy products.

The promotion will include 2 weeks of free school milk for everyone that signs up to the scheme before the 26th September, World School milk day.

Read the Press Release.


“The Milk Hero & The Milk Heroine Character Artwork Contest”

This event is one of the regular milk promotion activities to enhance the value of milk in health and nutrition but is also part of dairy Food Education Program for Children who are attending primary schools.

The contest consists of drawing/painting original character artwork of The Milk Hero/Heroine.

  • Open to primary school pupils nationwide
  • Application Entry on World Milk Day. (June 1st, 2018) Deadline: Sep 30th, 2018
  • Support FAO Fundraising
  • Aimed at pupils to increase awareness that school milk is healthy and nutritious
  • Sponsored by J-Milk (Japan Dairy Association) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology and many other dairy sector organizations

New Zealand

Fonterra will be celebrating World School Milk day by educating kids on the grass to glass process.  How their milk gets to schools with a journey map game for them to complete. They will then be given templates to write a thank you letter and draw pictures of the tankers or milk trucks which they can send back to Fonterra.

Fonterra will offer a prize (Lunch boxes, colouring pencils, etc) for their efforts.


To celebrate the World School Milk Day on the 26th of September, TINE SA plans to invite all principals and the persons in charge of the school milk programs in the respective schools in the area of Sem to our local factory at Sem ( There will be a lecture about nutrition, a tour in the factory and products offered in the school milk program will be served.

We will also write about the World School Milk Day on selected digital platforms (, and in addition to include some information about this event in all relevant materials provided to schools in the middle of August when the school year starts.

United States

Dairy Council of California will celebrate World School Milk Day with a series of social media posts highlighting school milk programs across California. Regional community nutrition advisers are currently gathering images of actual students enjoying school milk that will be shared throughout the day.

In coordination with the U.S. national Undeniably Dairy campaign- which will highlight their Discovery Education virtual farm field trip on World School Milk Day, we’ll highlight our Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly program which brings a cow and a calf to elementary schools to help schoolchildren make a farm-to-cafeteria food and ag literacy connection.

As far as leaflets go, we will promote our interactive milk handout, which you can see here

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