A healthy lifestyle consists of eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, as well as enjoying life.
Milk and other dairy products are tasty and full of nutrients. As part of a healthy and balanced diet they help you to maintain or improve your nutrition and health.

World School Milk Day

World School Milk Day provides an important opportunity to focus attention on milk as a global nutritious food, with a special emphasis on the nutritional status of children.
World School Milk Day was initiated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which actively encourages milk and dairy consumption as part of a daily diet. All aspects of milk are celebrated in many countries all over the world, and the number of countries and activities are increasing every year.

World Milk Day

Since the first World Milk Day was held in 2001, many countries spread throughout the world have participated in the celebrations and the number is growing each year. Why hold a World Milk Day? The Day provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and to publicise activities connected with milk and the milk industry. The fact that many countries choose to do this on the same day lends additional importance to individual national celebrations and shows that milk is a global food.