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DASH Study: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

Current national guidelines aimed at preventing and treating hypertension recommend controlling body weight, reducing salt and alcohol consumption, and possibly increasing dietary potassium. A vegetar...

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Dental Health – Good Health Tips

For good dental health, you need to look after your teeth. Despite being largely preventable, dental diseases such as dental caries (tooth decay) and dental erosion are very common health problems. Go...


Diabetes – Good Health Tips

Diabetes is a condition where the level of sugar in the blood is not controlled properly. This sugar takes the form of glucose. When a food containing carbohydrates is eaten, the body converts the car...


Lipids/saturated fats and cardiovascular diseases

The French diet is higher in fat, particularly saturated fats, than the diet of most of its European neighbors and of Americans. And yet, in France, cardiovascular mortality and obesity rates are amon...


Nutritional quality of milkfat

Fatty acids and lipids in general supply energy, are important for body structure and are essential for the metabolism of the body. Milkfat, which gives dairy products their smooth taste and contribut...



Osteoporosis is an illness of the skeleton associated with a diminution of the density of the bones and disturbance of their internal architecture. This silent, painless disease is very common. It aff...

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