Li XE, Drake M. - 46528 N - J Food Sci 2015 ; 80(4) : R665-70.

Sensory perception, nutritional role, and challenges of flavored milk for children and adults

Milk and milk products provide essential nutrients for both adults and children. However, overall milk consumption of both adults and children does not meet the recommendations from Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Flavored milk can increase milk consumption for children and adolescents, but the added sugar content raises concern. Since the removal or reduction of flavored milk decreases milk consumption for children, it is important to understand all aspects of flavored milk in order to increase milk consumption while minimizing sugar intake. This review will address adult and children perception of flavored milk as well as its nutrition, regulations in school meal programs, and challenges. Understanding the sensory perception of both adults and children for flavored milk can help food developers and manufacturers to address attractive attributes while reducing the sugar content to meet the needs of a healthy diet.