Kerperien J , Jeurink PV , Wehkamp T , van der Veer A , van de Kant H , Hofman G , van Esch BC , Garssen J , Willemsen LE , Knippels LM. - 46114 N - Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2014 ; 25(8) : 747-54.

Non-digestible oligosaccharides modulate intestinal immune activation and suppress cow's milk allergic symptoms

BACKGROUND: Cow’s milk allergy is a common food allergy in childhood and no effective preventive or curative treatment is available. This study aims at comparing single oligosaccharides short-chain galacto- (scGOS), long-chain fructo- (lcFOS) or pectin-derived acidic oligosaccharides (pAOS) and/or mixtures of scGOS/lcFOS (GF) or scGOS/lcFOS/pAOS (GFA) to prevent or treat food allergy.
METHODS: In the preventive protocol, C3H/HeOuJ mice were fed diets containing single oligosaccharides or mixtures GF or GFA throughout the study protocol. In the treatment protocol, GF or GFA were provided for four weeks starting after the last sensitization. The allergic skin response and anaphylaxis scores were determined, after oral challenge whey-specific immunoglobulins were measured and qPCR for T-cell markers and Foxp3 counts using immunohistochemistry were performed on the small intestine and colon. RESULTS: Only in the preventive setting, the GF or GFA mixture but not the single oligosaccharides, reduced the allergic skin response and whey-IgG1 levels in whey-sensitized mice, compared to the control diet. Both GF and GFA increased the number of Foxp3+ cells in the proximal small intestine of whey- compared to sham-sensitized mice. Expression of Th2 and Th17 mRNA markers increased in the middle part of the small intestine of whey-sensitized mice which was prevented by GF. By contrast, GFA enhanced Tbet (Th1), IL-10 and TGF-beta mRNA expression compared to GF which was maintained in the distal small intestine and/or colon.
CONCLUSIONS: Dietary supplementation with scGOS/lcFOS or scGOS/lcFOS/pAOS during sensitization, both effectively reduce allergic symptoms but differentially affect mucosal immune activation in whey sensitized mice. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.