Yackobovitch-Gavan M; Phillip M; Gat-Yablonski G. - - Horm Res Paediatr 2017; 88: 63-9

How Milk and Its Proteins Affect Growth, Bone Health, and Weight

Milk has long been recognized to constitute a complete, well-balanced source of the nutrients and energy required to ensure the proper postnatal growth and development of infants. A growing body of evidence suggests the positive effects of dairy products and particularly of milk proteins on linear growth also in older children, both healthy or during recovery from malnutrition. This evidence led the way to the performance of extensive research aimed to delineate the components of milk and the mechanisms acting to make milk so effective. The present review summarizes the current knowledge regarding the influence of milk and its proteins on linear growth in healthy and malnourished children, focusing also on other important aspects of healthy growth, including bone health, weight status, and body composition.

Keywords: Milk proteinsLinear growthCatch-up growthBone healthWeight gainBody composition