Nicholson JK , Gewirtz AT , Mazmanian SK , Bäckhed F. - - Nat Med 2012 ; 18(8) : 1186-7.

Milk modulates the microbiota

there is a growing appreciation for the role of the gut microbiota in many conditions, including obesity and inflammatory bowel dîsease (IDB). ln a recent study, Devkota et al. reveal how a dietary change can influence the microbiotal composition and disease pathogenesis. Feeding interleukin-10-deficient mice a diet high in saturated milk-derived fats led to the expression of a bacterial pathobiont– a symbiotic organism that can cause pathogenesis only under certain conditions. This microbiotal change increased the incidence of colitis in these genetically susceptible mice. We asked four experts to comment on the findings of this study and how they affect understanding of the complex relationship between diet, microbiota ànd disease