Skowrońska-Józwiak E, Jaworski M, Lorenc R, Karbownik-Lewińska M, Lewiński A. - - Public Health Nutr 2016 : in press.

Low dairy calcium intake is associated with overweight and elevated blood pressure in Polish adults, notably in premenopausal women

Objective Dietary Ca is now being recognized to play an important role not only in skeletal integrity, but also in the regulation of energy and metabolism. The aim of the present study was to estimate the relationship of dairy Ca intake with BMI and blood pressure (BP) in a sample derived from the Polish population.

Design Ca intake was calculated from an interviewer-administered semi-quantitative FFQ. BMI was calculated from measured weight and height, and BP was measured by a physician.

Setting Cross-sectional epidemiological study on osteoporosis risk factors in Poland.

Subjects Randomly selected healthy adult persons (n 1259; 750 women and 509 men).

Results Dairy Ca intake was significantly lower in individuals with overweight/obesity (BMI>=25·00 kg/m2) and/or with elevated BP (systolic/diastolic >=140/>=90 mmHg) than in those with normal body mass and BP, respectively. Ca intake was negatively correlated with BMI (r=0·12, P<0·001), systolic BP (r=0·11, P<0·001) and diastolic BP (r=0·08, P<0·01). Daily dairy Ca intake below 1000 mg was a predictor for BMI>=25·0 kg/m2 (OR=1·44, P<0·005). This relationship was stronger in women, particularly premenopausal women.

Conclusions The obtained results indicate the role of low dairy Ca intake in the development of obesity and hypertension, notably in premenopausal women.