Ohlsson JA; Johansson M; Hansson H; Abrahamson A; Byberg L; Smedman A; Lindmark-Mansson H; Lundh Å. - - Int Dairy J 2017; 73: 151-4.

Lactose, glucose and galactose content in milk, fermented milk and lactose-free milk products

Lactose, glucose and galactose contents in milk and fermented milk products and their lactose-free alternatives, were determined. Storage of products up to the best-before dates had no effect on carbohydrate composition. Total galactose content in yoghurt, i.e., free galactose plus the galactose moiety of lactose, was 2.3-2.4 g 100 g−1 (94-95% of that in milk), whereas that in Swedish soured milk and kefir was 1.9-2.0 g 100 g−1 (75-79% of that in milk). Lactose levels in lactose-free milk and fermented milk products were below or close to detection limits for all products. Only small differences in total galactose content existed for the lactose-free alternatives of milk, yoghurt and filmjölk, all with average total galactose contents of 1.3-1.4 g 100 g−1 (55-60% of that in milk). In contrast, lactose-free kefir had the same galactose content as milk, 2.4 g 100 g−1.