van Til AJ, Naumann E , Cox-Claessens IJ , Kremer S, Boelsma E, de van der Schueren MA. - 46660 N - J Nutr Health Aging 2015 ; 19(5) : 525-530.

Effects of the Daily Consumption of Protein Enriched Bread and Protein Enriched Drinking Yoghurt on the Total Protein Intake in Older Adults in a Rehabilitation Centre: A Single Blind Randomised Controlled Trial

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effects of protein enriched bread and drinking yoghurt, substituting regular products, on the total protein intake and the distribution of protein intake over the day in older adults.

DESIGN: A single blind randomised controlled trial.

SETTING: Rehabilitation centre.

PARTICIPANTS: Older adults (>/= 55 years) admitted to a rehabilitation centre after hospital discharge (n=34).

INTERVENTION: Participants received a high protein diet (protein enriched bread and protein enriched drinking yoghurt; n=17) or a regular diet (regular bread and regular drinking yoghurt; n=17) for three consecutive weeks.

MEASUREMENTS: Total protein intake and protein intake per meal, measured twice weekly over a three weeks period (six measurements per participant).

RESULTS: Compared with controls, patients who received the protein enriched products had a significantly higher protein intake (115.3 g/d vs 72.5 g/d, P<0.001; 1.6 g/kg/d vs 1.1 g/kg/d, P<0.001). The intervention group consumed quantities over the recommended level (25-30 g/meal) during each of the three meals (32.5 g, 30.0 g, 34.8 g/meal), where the control group consumed quantities below the recommended level during breakfast (17.7 g) and lunch (18.4 g).

CONCLUSIONS: The use of protein enriched products, replacing regular products, results in a significant increased daily protein intake in older adults. In addition, the daily consumption of protein enriched products improves protein distribution over the day.