Borad SG; Kumar A; Singh AK. - - Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 2017; 57 (17): 3690-702.

Effect of processing on nutritive values of milk protein

Milk is an essential source of nutritionally excellent quality protein in human, particularly in vegan diet. Before consumption, milk is invariably processed depending upon final product requirement. This processing may alter the nutritive value of protein in a significant manner. The processing operations like thermal treatment, chemical treatment, biochemical processing, physical treatments, nonconventional treatments, etc. may exert positive or negative influence on nutritional quality of milk proteins. On one side, processing enhances the nutritive and therapeutic values of protein while on other side intermediate or end products generated during protein reactions may cause toxicity and/or antigenicity upon consumption at elevated level. The review discusses the changes occurring in nutritive quality of milk proteins under the influence of various processing operations.

KEYWORDS: Milk proteins, milk processing, protein nutritive value, milk protein allergy, bioactive milk peptides