Thieme M. - 44739 N - J Pediatr Nurs 2013 ; in press.

Dairy Recommendations for Ill Pediatric Patients

The purpose of this state of the science paper was to ascertain the current clinical recommendations for dairy intake in ill pediatric patients.

METHOD: 4 databases were searched for studies published in the past 10years. RESULTS: Only 1 research article was published on this subject in the set time frame. It concluded that there are a small number of asthmatic patients with established cow’s milk protein allergy who should avoid dairy products.

DISCUSSION: The significance shown in this research is that for most children dairy products do not create excess mucous, nor do they exacerbate respiratory conditions. Therefore children without established cow’s milk protein allergy should not avoid dairy intake and should continue to intake dairy products when ill as to not miss out on the nutritional benefits needlessly.