Markey O; Souroullas K; Fagan CC; Kliem KE; Vasilopoulou D; Jackson KG; Humphries DJ; Grandison AS; Givens DI; Lovegrove JA; Methven L. - - J Dairy Sci 2017; 100(10): 7953-66.

Consumer acceptance of dairy products with a saturated fatty acid-reduced, monounsaturated fatty acid-enriched content

Agriculture-based reformulation initiatives, including oleic acid-rich lipid supplementation of the dairy cow diet, provide a novel means for reducing intake of saturated fatty acids (SFA) at a population level. In a blinded manner, this study evaluated the consumer acceptance of SFA-reduced, monounsaturated fatty acid-enriched (modified) milk, Cheddar cheese, and butter when compared with control and commercially available comparative samples. The effect of providing nutritional information about the modified cheese was also evaluated. Consumers (n = 115) rated samples for overall liking (appearance, flavor, and texture) using 9-point hedonic scales. Although no significant differences were found between the milk samples, the modified cheese was liked significantly less than a regular-fat commercial alternative for overall liking and liking of specific modalities and had a lower liking of texture score compared with the control cheese. The provision of health information significantly increased the overall liking of the modified cheese compared with tasting the same sample in a blinded manner. Significant differences were evident between the butter samples for overall liking and modalities of liking; all of the samples were significantly more liked than the commercial butter and sunflower oil spread. In conclusion, this study illustrated that consumer acceptance of SFA-reduced, monounsaturated fatty acid-enriched dairy products was dependent on product type. Future research should consider how optimization of the textural properties of fatty acid-modified (and fat-reduced) cheese might enhance consumer acceptance of this product.

Key words: cardiovascular disease consumer acceptance dairy product monounsaturated fatty acid saturated fatty acid