Yanagida N, Minoura T, Kitaoka S. - 46315 N - Allergy Asthma Immunol Res 2015 ; 7(2) : 186-9.

Butter Tolerance in Children Allergic to Cow's Milk

We performed an oral food challenge (OFC) with 10 g of butter (equivalent of 2.9 mL cow’s milk) and 25-mL heated cow’s milk for 68 children with cow’s milk-allergy. Thirty-eight children reacted only to heated cow’s milk. Twenty-four children reacted to neither heated milk nor butter. Thirty-eight (86.4%) of 44 patients with positive results to the OFC for heated milk could safely tolerate butter. It is highly likely that even children with cow’s milk-allergy who show positive results to an OFC for heated milk can consume butter. The milk-specific IgE value indicative of a negative predictive value of over 95% was 17.8 kUA/L, and patients with low milk-specific IgE values may be able to safely consume butter. Including butter in the diets of patients with milk-allergy after a butter challenge may improve quality of life.