Bulletin of the IDF N° 497 2019: Applications of Near Infrared Spectrometry for the Analysis of Milk and Milk products

By Andreas Niemöller and Steve Holroyd. Milk and milk products are a widely consumed and traded foo...

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REPORT 163 – IDF Dairy Sustainability Outlook No. 1

The 2018 IDF Dairy Sustainability Outlook provides a viewpoint on sustainable development of relevan...

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Bulletin of the IDF N° 495/ 2018: Inventory of microbial food cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products

Since 2002, the International Dairy Federation (IDF), in collaboration with the European Food and Fe...

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27 May 2019

IDF Factsheet 006/ 2019 Health Benefits of Dairy

Scientific evidence supports the importance of milk and dairy products as part of a healthy eating pattern. Dairy foods are not only excellent sources of calcium, vitamins B2 and B12, high-quality pro...

08 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 003/ 2019 Matrix: The importance of the dairy (food) matrix in the evaluation of the nutritional quality and health effects of food

It is increasingly recognized that the effects of milk and dairy foods on health extend beyond the benefits of the individual nutrients they contain. Rather, the unique combination of nutrients and bi...

04 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 002/ 2019 Ethyl Vanillin: Artificial flavours in feed – Possible transfer of ethyl vanillin from feed to milk

Why are feed flavours used in animal production?...