IDF Animal Health Report N° 11

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Bulletin of the IDF N° 488/ 2017: The IDF Guide on Biodiversity for the Dairy Sector

These guidelines aim at providing principles for identifying biodiversity indicators that can be use...

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ISO/ TS 19046-2 I IDF/ RM 233-2: 2017 – Cheese – Determination of propionic acid level by chromatography – Part 2: Method by ion exchange chromatography

This document specifies a method for the determination of propionic acid level in cheese, using gas...

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29 June 2017

IDF Factsheet 004/2017: Country Reports Spring 2017

Members of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics (SC DPE) from 11 countries submitted country reports covering the six months leading up to April 2017....

19 May 2017

IDF Factsheet 003/2017: Guidance on Antimicrobial Resistance from the Dairy Sector

This document describes what antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is, outlines dairy sector guidance on prudent use of antimicrobials and defines the global dairy position on AMR. These initiatives comp...

22 March 2017

IDF Factsheet 002/2017: Reasons why galactose is good for you

Galactose is a simple sugar that is normally transformed in the liver before being used up as energy. This sugar is quite abundant in human diets and helps in a number of functions....