Position Papers

18 November 2020

The Codex General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms – Its nature, intent, and implications

The Codex General Standard for Use of Dairy Terms (1) (GSUDT) provides guidance on the correct use of terms that are universally identified with dairy products. It was developed by the Codex Committee...

22 October 2020

Lactose, an important nutrient: Advocating a revised policy approach for dairy and its intrinsic sugar

Milk and milk products play an important role in the diet, and their consumption is recommended in food-based dietary guidelines around the world (1). A growing body of scientific evidence has linked...

13 October 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition: developing effective policy responses to address the hunger and malnutrition pandemic

We have read with interest the CFS HLPE issues paper on the impacts of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition (September 2020). As the pandemic continues to undermine global food security and we all...

01 September 2020

Sustainable healthy diets: balance between plant and animal-source foods

Paragraph 11 of the Committee on World Food Security Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems for Nutrition Draft for Negotiations highlights unhealthy diets as a major risk factor for multiple forms of m...

22 May 2020

Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling – Delivering meaningful public health outcomes

The overarching objective of Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling (FOPNL) should be to deliver accurate, science-based and transparent nutrition information to enable consumers to make informed, balanced...

22 May 2020

Nutrition Profiling Models: To support the role of foods in healthy dietary patterns

The overarching objective of any nutrient profiling model (NPM) informing a front-of-pack nutrition label (FOPNL) should be to support an accurate, science-based model that improves diet quality, deli...

18 March 2020

Dairy’s role in healthy and sustainable diets

IDF has taken note of the FAO/WHO sustainable healthy diets guiding principlesi, based on the proposed definition that sustainable healthy diets are dietary patterns that promote all dimensions of ind...

16 March 2020

Linking Food Processing to Health Outcomes: A Simplistic and Dangerous Approach

IDF is concerned by the efforts of some policymakers to provide dietary guidance by ranking foods by degree of processing, by using the NOVA system. Although such approaches are presented as contribut...

27 November 2019

Holistic view of proteins: amino acids and post-translational modifications

Proteins are essential in every part of life. They are a source of essential amino acids, which are the essential building blocks for in vivo protein synthesis. However, considering proteins only as...