Fact Sheets

27 May 2020

IDF Factsheet 011/ 2020: Dairy’s role in supporting a healthy immune system

While no foods or dietary supplements can prevent COVID-19 infection, evidence shows that a healthy diet and good nutrition play a significant role in building a strong and healthy immune system. It h...

05 December 2019

IDF Factsheet 010/ 2019: Lactose: Technological Aspects and Usage

The naturally occurring dairy sugar lactose is a multi-faceted ingredient. 'Lactose: technological aspects and usage' released today provides info on the properties of lactose, the lactose content o...

01 December 2019

IDF Factsheet 009/ 2019: Manufacture of milk protein concentrates and isolates by membrane filtration

Membrane filtration is a widespread processing technology used in the dairy sector to separate & selectively concentrate milk components. This new IDF factsheet gives details on process, performa...

28 October 2019

IDF Factsheet 008/ 2019: Executive Summary of IDF Country Updates – October 2019

This factsheet highlights the main findings from the review of the country update as prepared by Peter Dawson (UK) and presented to the Committee at the SC DPE meeting held in Istanbul 21st September...

09 September 2019

IDF Factsheet 007/ 2019 Bioprotection

Food preservation has been a key concern since the earliest days of humanity. Among the numerous empirical processes that have been developed and passed down, fermentation is one of the oldest preserv...

27 May 2019

IDF Factsheet 006/ 2019 Health Benefits of Dairy

Scientific evidence supports the importance of milk and dairy products as part of a healthy eating pattern. Dairy foods are not only excellent sources of calcium, vitamins B2 and B12, high-quality pro...

23 May 2019

IDF Factsheet 005/ 2019 Is there real evidence for a link between milk and mortality?

A growing evidence base supports an inverse relationship between intake of milk and other dairy foods and the incidence of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers (World Cancer R...

08 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 003/ 2019 Matrix: The importance of the dairy (food) matrix in the evaluation of the nutritional quality and health effects of food

It is increasingly recognized that the effects of milk and dairy foods on health extend beyond the benefits of the individual nutrients they contain. Rather, the unique combination of nutrients and bi...

04 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 002/ 2019 Ethyl Vanillin: Artificial flavours in feed – Possible transfer of ethyl vanillin from feed to milk

Why are feed flavours used in animal production?...

04 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 001/ 2019 WGS: Whole Genome Sequencing

Recent advances in rapid, high throughput DNA sequencing have revolutionised the study of biology and are now used in microbial risk assessment (MRA) to enhance food safety and security. ‘Next Gener...

03 April 2019

IDF Factsheet 004/2018: Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports – October 2018

  Members of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics and the IDF Standing Committee on Marketing from 20 countries submitted country reports covering the six months leading...

23 May 2018

IDF Factsheet 003/ 2018: Trans fatty acids (TFA) to be differentiated into industrially produced TFAs and naturally present TFAs

Trans fatty acids (TFA) are a specific type of unsaturated fatty acids...

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