– Report of the IDF Standing Committee on Animal health – K.L. Smith, Chairman (USA)

– Note from the Editor – H. Hogeveen (Netherlands)

Research Communications

  • Mastitis in certified organic dairy herds in Sweden – C. Hamilton, U. Emanuelson & T. Ekman (Sweden)
  • Studies on bovine Escherichia coli mastitis in Finland – T. Kaipainen (Finland)
  • Recovery of cow teats after milking: Ultrasonic scanning – F. Neijenhuis, H. Hogeveen & G. Klungel (Netherlands)
  • Changes in milk somatic cell count with regard to the milking process and the milking frequency – Preliminary report – J. Hamann (Germany)
  • Milking three times a day and its effect on milk production and udder health – H. Hogeveen, J.D. Miltenburg, S. den Hollander & K. Frankena (Netherlands)