Report of the IDF Group of Experts on Mastitis – K.L. Smith, Chairman (USA)

Research Communications

  • State of proficiency in counting of somatic cells – Results of latest intercomparisons – E.-H. Ubben & J. Reichmuth (Germany)
  • Dynamics of mastitis in Norway – O. Østerås (Norway)
  • C-reactive protein as indicator for subclinical bovine mastitis – J. Hamann (Germany)
  • Characteristics of bovine mastitis caused by Listeria monocytogenes and new ELISA method for diagnosis – B. Poutrel (France)
  • The effect of automatic milking on bulk milk somatic cell count – H. Hogeveen, G.H. Klungel & B.A. Slaghuis (Netherlands)
  • Investigation on hygienic important and potential pathogens of raw milk of sheep and goats during one lactation period – L. Podstatzky-Lichtenstein, P. Winter & W. Baumgartner (Austria)
  • Effect of milking interval on milk yield and composition – B. O’Brien, J. O’Connell & W.Meaney (Ireland)
  • Milk quality and automatic milking systems (AMS) – J. Hamann (Germany)
  • Vaccination with ferric enterobactin receptor (FepA) to control coliform mastitis (summary of a recent PhD thesis) – J. Lin, J. Hogan & K.L. Smith (USA)
  • Udder health on dairy farms. A lo