Report of the IDF Group of Experts on Mastitis – K. L. Smith, Chairman (USA)

Research Communications

  • Differential Somatic Cell Counts in Milk – A Saran, G, Leitner & M. Chaffer (Israel)
  • Effect of Undermilking and Overmilking on Teat Tissue Condition – E. O’Callaghan (Ireland), D. Gleeson (lreland) & F. Neijenhuis (the Netherlands)
  • Effect of Various Milking Machine Systems on Free Fatty Acid Development in Milk – B. O’Brien, E. O’Callaghan & P. Dillon (Ireland)
  • The Use of Lacticin 3147 in Mastitis Control – M. Ryan, WJ Meaney, C. Hill & P. Ross (Ireland)
  • Decision-Making in Clinical Mastitis Therapy Programmes – K Leslie & G. Keefe (Canada)
  • Vaccination Against Coliform Mastitis: A Historical Perspective – K.L. Smith & J Hogan (USA)