• Report of the IDF Group of Experts on Mastitis – K.L. Smith, Chairman (USA)
  • Integrated Detection Systems for Antimicrobials in Milk: The IDF Approach – W.H. Heeschen (Germany)

Research Communications

  • Standards for Somatic Cells in Milk: Physiological and Regulatory – K.L. Smith (USA)
  • Somatic Cells: Factors of Influence and Practical Measures to Keep a Physiological Level – J. Hamann (Germany)
  • Somatic Cells and their Significance for Milk Processing (Technology)* – A. Zecconi (Italy)
  • Milk Quality Payment: Quality Assurance (QA) in Somatic Cell Counting – M. Schällibaum (Switzerland)
  • Mastitis: The Disease under Aspects of Milk Quality and Hygiene* – W.H. Heeschen (Germany)
  • New Systems for Somatic Cell Counts – J. Reichmuth (Germany)