• Annual report of the IDF Group of Experts on Mastitis (1992) (J.M. Booth, Chairman, UK)
  • Mastitis cell count data (J.M. Booth, Chairman, UK)
  • Somatic cells in milk – aspects of quality, hygiene & mastitis control (Prof. Dr W.H. Heeschen, Germany)
  • Homoeopathic treatment of bovine mastitis (J. Hamann, Germany)
  • Cell count interpretation (D.P. Ryan, Australia)

Research communications

  • A strategy to increase resistance in dairy cows: expression of human lactoferrin in the milk of transgenic cows (J.H. Nuijens, M. Geerts, R. Strijker, F. Pieper & H.A. de Boer, the Netherlands)
  • Systemic dry cow therapy – an update (Dr A. Saran, Dr G. Ziv & Dr S. Soback, Israel)