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World Dairy Summit 2018
15 October

Launch of IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

A spectacular grand opening was laid out for delegates at the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 with a magnificent drum performance taking centre stage at the Daejeon Convention Centre on 15 October. The warm hospitality of the Organizing Committee of the Summit comprising the leadership and members of the Korea National Committee made delegates feel very welcome to the Land of the Morning Calm.

Gracing the event was Korea’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Mr Lee Gae Ho, who encouraged delegates to seize the opportunity to meet counterparts from other parts of the world for in-depth discussions on the future of dairy and to develop meaningful partnerships for growth.

“The Summit will serve as a foothold for the dairy industry to take off even further at the global level beyond Asia,” said Mr Lee. “The dairy farming business provides quality and decent food and nutrients to the entire world, while developing into an important industry.”

Milk and dairy products are a sustainable food source for the next generation: Ban Ki Moon

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IDF driver of dairy sector growth and sustainability: Dr Judith Bryans

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IDF at the forefront of dairy science through strong expertise and advocacy: Director General

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Global platform for dialogue on dairy development: President of IDF Korea

The IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 is a forum that brings together international experts to share their knowledge and expertise, and exchange ideas on enhancing the dairy sector, said President of IDF Korea, Lee Chang Buhm... Read more

Dairy industry in the next decade

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Coming Up

16 Oct, 9.50 am: Dairy Policies and Economics: Benoit Rouyer (CNIEL) – Consolidation and Restructuring of Dairy Industry

The exhaustion of natural resources and the challenge to feed the world may be long-term socio-environmental challenges, but they have little impact on short-term food price development, said Mr Benoit Rouyer, an economist at CNIEL, France... Read more

17 Oct, 11.40 am: Environment: Professor Shinichi Kume, Kyoto University, Japan

Feeding lactating dairy cows with alfalfa silage, which contains a high amount of potassium, resulted in increased milk yield in high producing cows, according to studies conducted by Professor Shinichi Kume of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture, Japan... Read more

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