IDF World Dairy Summit Special Edition
October 2019
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Message from our Director General
Four days of shared insights and discussion have come to a close... now we've said goodbye to Istanbul, I reflect on another successful IDF World Dairy Summit 2019, and how again we brought together representatives of the global dairy sector from 55 countries, including IDF members, experts and stakeholders, government agencies, civil society, academia, farmers and processers to explore key topics for the sector, such as dairy's role in achieving SDGs, current research relating to food loss and waste, sugar and protein and sustainable farming.

The Summit also saw the launch of several new reports and initiatives, including the IDF World Dairy Situation Report 2019, the Sustainable Dairy Partnership and we celebrated World School Milk Day 2019 with an announcement of upcoming IDF report on the topic.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts, the IDF Turkish National Committee for their outstanding work on delivering an unforgettable summit, along with our speakers, chairs, moderators and IDF team.

This special edition of IDF World provides a summary of the top-level highlights and takeaways from the Summit. They will help shape IDF’s future focus, along with themes for next year’s Summit. We look forward to taking the dialogue further in 2019 and beyond. See you in South Africa next year!

Caroline Emond, IDF Director General
Shaping the sector for a sustainable future

“If we work collaboratively we can overcome the challenges that face us.” IDF President Dr Judith Bryans launches the 2019 Summit by highlighting the value of dairy to global nutrition and SDGs.
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Shaping the sector for a sustainable future
Leading the way: Dairy Leaders’ Forum discusses challenges and opportunities

At the Dairy Leaders’ Forum on 23rd September, the speakers had one goal – to explore the sustainable future of dairy. High level speakers from across Europe, Asia and Africa provided delegates with their insights into current issues facing the sector.

Leading the way: Dairy Leaders’ Forum discusses challenges and opportunities
Dairy outlook and consumer trends transforming the sector

The world dairy market is constantly growing and evolving. Along with the launch of the IDF World Dairy Situation 2019, speakers presented the biggest trends impacting the industry, and how the sector can stay informed.

Dairy outlook and consumer trends transforming the sector
Towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

The dairy sector can make multiple contributions to the SDGs, but optimising its contribution requires careful planning, implementation and monitoring. 

Dairy as a nutritional base to nourish the world

The potential of dairy to nourish the world is huge. However, anti-dairy sentiment is growing rapidly in many dairy productive regions.
The World Dairy Summit 2019 discussed the challenges and opportunities. 

Paul Kindstedt
Addressing food loss and waste

Responding to the food loss and waste challenge within the dairy sector presents a cross-cutting opportunity to drive climate action forward by cutting GHG emissions and boosting resilience and productivity in food systems. 

Meeting the sustainability challenge

Continuing the sustainability theme, speakers explored sectoral concerns including how to balance competitiveness and sustainability, efficient use of land and resources, measuring accurately to make a real change to global warming and how farm sustainability is key.

Edward H
Exclusive offer for summit delegates only
IDF WDS Collage

World Dairy Summit webinars available for delegates/organisations
IDF is offering World Dairy Summit 2019 delegates and their organisations the opportunity to access webinar training sessions from some of the discussions. The webinars represent valuable training and development opportunities for colleagues who may not have been able to attend the summit in person. To pre-register or for more information please contact 

IDF World Dairy Summit 2020
Cape Town, South Africa 28 September - 1 October 2020
The South African Committee of IDF commits to hosting a most successful and memorable summit in Cape Town in the spring of 2020. South Africa, geographically situated at the southernmost tip of Africa, is one of the few countries in Africa with well-developed agriculture and agro-processing infrastructure able to meet domestic demand and to export to the fast growing African market as well as to other continents.
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The World Dairy Situation Report 2019

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