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16 October 2018

Launch of World Dairy Situation 2018 at the World Dairy Summit, Daejeon

The IDF World Dairy Situation 2018 report was launched at the World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, Korea, on 16 October. It was put together by IDF experts from dairy producing countries around the world un...

12 October 2018

Warm welcome to delegates at the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018

International Dairy Federation President Dr Judith Bryans and Chair of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 Organizing Committee Mr Lee Chang Buhm extend a warm welcome to all delegates to this annual meet...

08 October 2018

Fermented Milk: The health benefits of fermented dairy

The development of probiotics and pharmabiotics to prevent and treat gastrointestinal cancers will be the focus of a talk by Professor Jihyun Kim of Yonsei University, South Korea. He will share hi...

01 October 2018

6th Symposium on Science and Technology of Fermented Milk at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, South Korea, from 15-19 October.

The increased interest in fermented foods due to their potential contribution to gastrointestinal microbiota modulation and the impact on human health is leading food scientists to pay greater attenti...

26 September 2018

School milk programmes nourishing millions of children around the world

Every year, World School Milk Day is celebrated all over the world on the last Wednesday of September to raise awareness on the benefits and success of school milk programmes. In addition to providin...

24 September 2018

Treatment of Bovine Mastitis Takes a New Turn

Animal health scientists are making significant progress on mastitis management, which is responsible for up to 85% of the antimicrobials used in the dairy sector, according to the International Dairy...

24 September 2018

IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 – Dairy Policies and Economics: Boosting dairy sector growth through policies and economics

Investments in the dairy sector are widely influenced by sustainability and corporate social responsibility while it is facing growing competition from dairy substitutes, according to Mr Benoit Rouyer...

17 September 2018

Enhancing sustainable dairy to promote economic growth and biodiversity

Participants at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, South Korea, from 15-19 October 2018 will have the opportunity to listen to Michel Donat from Nestlé who will present the buyer’s perspective...

13 September 2018

State of food security and nutrition in the world

Helping to free the world from hunger and malnutrition is a goal of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) through its work on sustainability to support food security, said the organization’s Dire...

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