Press releases

29 October 2019

Effective process monitoring key to ensuring dairy safety

As part of its commitment to food safety and health, the International Dairy Federation today published new guidance outlining additional actions that can be taken in the production process to minimis...

21 October 2019

International Dairy Federation welcomes Russia and Kenya to its membership

The International Dairy Federation (IDF), the leading global source of science-based dairy expertise since 1903, has welcomed Russia and Kenya as official members of IDF, raising the overall number of...

11 October 2019

Belgian guidelines endorse milk as a vital part of daily diets

Last week the Belgian Superior Health Council (SHC) confirmed that milk and dairy products deserve a place in a sustainable diet. Moreover, based on the latest insights into healthy food and sustainab...

26 September 2019


Four dairy champions have been honoured for their leadership, dedication and commitment to the sector at the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit 2019....

25 September 2019

On World School Milk Day, IDF announces work on Global School Milk programmes

IDF celebrates World School Milk Day at the IDF World Dairy Summit 2019 and announces an upcoming review of global school milk programmes, introducing data on their important impact on childhood nutri...

24 September 2019

Addressing misconceptions about dairy and sugar

In discussions of body weight and obesity, milk and other dairy products can be targeted for their apparent high sugar content, leading many to mistakenly believe that dairy should be limited to avoid...

23 September 2019

IDF launches 2019 World Dairy Situation Report

The 2019 edition of the much-anticipated World Dairy Situation report published by the International Dairy Federation (IDF) was launched today at the IDF World Dairy Summit in Istanbul, Turkey....

29 August 2019

Exploring innovative solutions for sustainable dairy wastewater management

IDF has today released a publication that explores pioneering wastewater treatments in dairy processing....

29 August 2019

IDF issues guidance to help determine milk fat purity

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) today released guidance on the determination of milkfat purity, providing important additional direction to both scientists and non-scientists involved in the...

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