05 November 2015

Newsbrief 107

In this issue: -UN Committee on WFS annual meeting 2015 (CFS42) -EFSA Conference on the Future of Food Safety” -World Food Day 2015 -FENS Symposium - beneficial health effects of regular fat dai...

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05 September 2015

Newsbrief 106

In this issue: -The Decade of Nutrition – implementation of ICN2 -Other news from the 39th FAO Conference -“No more food to waste” conference -Meetings at Expo 2015 Milan -Visit to the Japa...

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05 June 2015

Newsbrief 105

In this issue: -7th IDF International Symposium on Sheep, Goat and other Non-Cow Milk -IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2015 in Namur -New tools for a more sustainable dairy sector -The Standing Committee...

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05 March 2015

Newsbrief 104

In this issue: -Outcome of the Business meetings in Paris, December 2014 -Highlights of the recent Codex meetings -Appointment of IDF Sector Leaders -Release of the WHO report on sugars intake for...

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05 December 2014

Newsbrief 103

In this issue: -Second International Congress of Nutrition (ICN2). -IDF Award 2014 -IDF Prize of Excellence -The Yves Boutonnat IMP Trophy Award -Highlights from the recent Codex meetings...

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05 October 2014

Newsbrief 102

In this issue: -ICN2 -World Mapping of Animal Feeding Systems -Codex Alimentarius Commission -Developments in Methods of Analysis and Sampling...

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