IDF looks back at its first-ever Dairy Science and Technology week!

07 December 2020

On the 28th of February to the 3 March 2005, the first-ever IDF Dairy Science and Technology Week was launched in Cambridge, UK. The subject “Innovation through Innovation” was a chance for stakeholders and members to come together. It was held in Cambridge at Maddingly Hall, an old and traditional refurbished country house built in the 16th century.

Hosted by the IDF UK national committee, the main objective of the event was to exchange knowledge amongst dairy scientists, to bring together scientists from the industry as well as specialists from research and academia.

Chaired by Ken Burgess, former UK chairman of the IDF national committee, and former SCDST member, the conference was set into three different sessions with each featuring a keynote speaker, and 4 other theme speakers introducing the main topic of ‘innovation through innovation’ where the speakers presented and examined the changes in dairy science and technology, and how this can result in the changes of the products that are being used. The week would also include posters and meetings of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Science and Technology and sub Action Teams. Many topics were covered in this event including the following:

  • Innovation in dairying
  • Whey Utilization
  • Water treatment and use
  • Extended life technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Innovation in hygiene design
  • Trends in new products
  • Innovations in drying

Since the launch of the first-ever science and technology week 15 years ago, IDF has continued this successful event for several years after, attracting dairy scientists from all over the world.