LEAP Sustainability Initiatives Forging Ahead

In 2019, IDF was pleased to take up the chairmanship role in the FAO Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) partnership, an initiative focused on improving sustainability within the livestock sector.

LEAP is a multi-stakeholder initiative made up of Governments, NGOs and members of the private sector, which is hosted by FAO. It develops comprehensive guidance and methodology for monitoring the environmental performance of livestock supply chains. Since July 2012, the dairy sector, represented by IDF, has participated in LEAP and been a key player in its major sustainability initiatives.

IDF has played a large role in three LEAP initiatives: LEAP 1 was largely focused on the harmonization of accounting rules for the quantification of GHG emissions from livestock supply chains (feed, small ruminants, large ruminants, poultry, pig). LEAP 2 has been focused on the development of soil carbon stock changes guidelines, nutrient cycle guidelines, water foot printing guidelines, biodiversity guidelines and feed additives or change-oriented approached guidelines. LEAP 3 will focus on road testing LEAP guidelines and the development, revision and dissemination of these Guidelines.

Find out more about ongoing LEAP initiatives on the LEAP website