• International Milk Promotion Group
  • Conference on Marketing for the IDF World Dairy Summit

  • To keep under review domestic promotion, and marketing programs which are designed to increase the domestic market for milk and milk products through advertising, sales promotion, consumer education, new or modified product development, consumer research and public relations programs and campaigns;
  • To develop strategies and activities for communication and issues/crisis management that respond to matters of interest or concern affecting dairy products and the dairy industry;
  • To initiate projects designed to disseminate information and promote the interchange of knowledge within the member countries of IDF through conferences/seminars, special addresses and regular reports to the members of IDF;
  • To take advantage of the potential synergy between dairy marketing and dairy policy and economics;
  • To examine, in conjunction with the Standing Committee on Nutrition and Health, current and new knowledge in dairy nutrition and health and indicate how it can be utilized by the dairy sector to further the image and consumption of milk and milk products and counteract scientifically unjustified information (nutrimarketing).