Dairy Science and Technology

Dairy Science and Technology

Dairy science and technology studies the knowledge and understanding of milk, its production, the physical, biochemical and nutritional properties of its components and how these can be used to create the unique diversity of dairy products.

It also relates to the study of how physical, enzymatic, and microbial transformation and protection may be applied to milk to prolong its shelf life in the form of products such as pasteurised milk, cheese and fermented foods, butter, milk powders, protein products, nutritional formulations, etc., for the nutrition, sustenance and sensory experience of consumers ranging from infants to the very elderly.

Furthermore, it is focused on innovation and optimisation of processes for the conversion of milk into dairy products from the perspective of consumer health, sustainability, environmental footprint and food security for a growing global population, all while maintaining the nutrient richness of milk.

The IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Science and Technology

The mission of the IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Science Technology is to promote effective communication of new and relevant science and technology to the dairy sector. If you are interested to be part of this group, please contact the IDF National Committee of your country.