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Our Future Depends on Ruminants

The media often reports how consumer choices can contribute to sustainable development, for instance by adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. As a sustainability manager working for the International Dairy Federation (IDF), I came to realize that people are continually exposed to incorrect information that is repeated without being challenged, in particular about the impact of dairy cattle on climate change. Such media statements are deepening the confusion between opinion and science, which is unfortunate, resulting in incorrect food choices…

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Clampdown on milking a name to market vegan substitute

The US is joining the EU, Canada, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand in regulating the misuse of dairy terms. Consumers have the right to know when they are not buying real dairy products. A plant-based substance is no alternative to animal milk in terms of its composition, texture, taste and nutritional value. A liquid plant-based product that bears a resemblance to milk can be referred to as a white beverage. It is erroneous to call it ‘milk’ and masquerading it…

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Forging ahead in 2018

There is an old saying that time flies and it certainly feels that way. It’s been almost eight months since we were together as IDF family at the 2017 World Dairy Summit. Many things have happened at IDF over those months and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight just a few of them to you. You will of course know by now that our new Director General, Caroline Emond, is in place. My thanks to all of you who have contacted her and made her feel welcome.

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