IDF and IGOs


IDF – its unique role within Codex

Besides dairy commodity standards, IDF’s current activities in Codex are focused on:

  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Food labelling
  • Food additives
  • Methods of Analysis and Sampling
  • Nutrition
  • Residues of veterinary drugs and contaminants
  • Export certification systems

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IDF is the platform for the international dairy sector to discuss standards for international trade and to achieve consensus on a common approach to issues discussed in Codex. IDF contributes to the work of the Codex Committee on Milk and Milk Products (CCMMP) by providing first drafts of standards and contributing expert input throughout the development of new standards until their final adoption. IDF also monitors all the other Codex Committees that influence the dairy sector. IDF experts from all over the world are actively involved in Codex scientific and technical discussions with potential impact on production, packaging, marketing, consumption and trade prospects of dairy products.



IDF entered into a formal consultative status with FAO in 1952. Over the past decades, a close working relationship has been established in various fields of joint interest such as good dairy farming practices, animal health, hygiene and safety and dairy policies and economics.
The collaboration has resulted in several joint publications including an FAO/IDF ‘Guide to Good Dairy Farming Practice’ and a FAO/IDF special Issue titled: ‘Dairy Safety and Hygiene – A farm-to- table approach for emerging and developed dairy countries’.

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IDF and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), started cooperating in 1963. IDF and ISO jointly develop and publish international standard methods for sampling and analysis for milk and milk products. IDF is also involved with ISO horizontal work on microbiological methods of analysis and works with ISO on milking machines and other technical topics of common interest.

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IDF and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) signed a formal agreement of cooperation in May 2003.

The aim of the partnership is to exchange knowledge and information on the dairy sector, veterinary research into diseases of milk producing species and aspects of animal health and zoonoses, animal welfare and food safety.

In the most recent years, the OIE-IDF partnership has also considerably extended with the organization of joint events and regular IDF participation at the annual OIE General Sessions as well as several OIE expert meetings. In 2007 OIE appointed the OIE Head of the Scientific and Technical Department as a permanent member to the IDF Standing Committee on Animal Health and has also nominated an OIE expert to the IDF Project Group on Animal Welfare in order to align the on-going OIE work on animal welfare with the IDF work on developing a Guide to Animal Welfare in Dairy Production.

Upon invitation by OIE, IDF has participated in the most recent meetings of an OIE/FAO Drafting Group on the Guide to Good Farming Practices and at meetings of the OIE Permanent Working Group on Animal Welfare.