New dates: 8th IDF International Symposium on sheep, goat and other non-cow milk

04 November 2020 - 05 November 2020
Brussels, Belgium

November 4-5, 2020 – Brussels, Belgium

Sheep, goats and other non-cow milk producing animals are widely distributed throughout the world. They contribute to sustainable livelihoods through support of the economy, rural and peri-urban livelihoods, the empowerment of women, and food security.

The Symposium will cover the latest scientific advances about milk originating from other ruminants than cows on the fields of human nutrition and science and technology, as well as advances on animal health. It will give a renewed vision of knowledge on husbandry and milk production, technology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, nutrition without losing sight of the significance of markets and appropriate policies, as they have evolved since 2015. The event is addressed to scientists and other professionals involved in the sheep’s, goat’s and other non-cow’s dairy sectors including milk producers, dairy processing industry, trade associations, academia and governments.