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  • Access to an unrivalled source of scientific and technical knowledge
  • Comprehensive coverage and understanding of all dairy-related issues
  • Participation in world class working groups
  • Analysis of key issues of interest for the dairy sector
  • One-of-a-kind networking opportunities at IDF events
  • Contribution to the setting of international standards
  • Key contacts with global organizations such as FAO, Codex Alimentarius, WHO, OIE, CFS, ISO
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  • Coherent and visible representation of local dairy sectors worldwide
  • Outstanding opportunities to promote local dairy industries through global and regional events
  • Privileged internal and external communications channels
  • Easy and quick access to IDF publications and data
  • Scientific and technical support for events
  • Networking with global dairy experts and key influencers
  • Participate in creating global consensus on topics related to dairy
  • Jointly prepare input towards intergovernmental organizations
  • Access to topic-specific documentation on the goodness of dairy
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