About IDF

Founded in 1903, the International Dairy Federation (IDF) is a non-profit private sector organization representing the interests of various stakeholders in dairying at the international level.

IDF is committed to furthering current knowledge and science on a wide range of issues by triggering state-of-the-art projects across the dairy chain. Today, dairy is one of the most vibrant and strategic sectors, with a major impact on national economies, public health, the environment…

IDF members are organized in National Committees, which are national associations composed of representatives of all dairy-related national interest groups including dairy farmers, dairy processing industry, dairy suppliers, academics and governments/food control authorities.

Representing the dairy sector as a whole at international level, by providing the best global source of expertise and scientific knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality milk and milk products, to offer consumers nutrition, health and well-being.

Science and expert advice
IDF aims to identify, elaborate and disseminate best practice at international level in order to guide the dairy sector and to harmonise members’ work on a variety of issues along the dairy production chain including animal health and welfare, protection of the environment, nutrition, food safety and hygiene and food standards.

Please download the IDF Brochure on the Strategic Work Programme (2016-2018).